No More Sunday Blues, 5 Ways To Start Looking Forward To Mondays

Here we go, it is Sunday night again. This means you’re either sitting on the couch watching a Lifetime movie or cleaning up pots and pans from cooking dinner, sulking, and trying to distract yourself from the thought of heading into yet another work week. Oh Monday, how I just loathe you! 

Don’t you wish you could feel the way you do on a Friday evening, on a Sunday night. You can! There’s not enough of Fridays to only look forward to the weekend. It’s time to change your perspective about Mondays. Here’s 5 tips to kick your Sunday blues to the curb, and kick-start your love of Mondays —well lets start off with like.

Mall Mondays

One reason I love Friday is because I usually head to the local mall after work. All day at work I actually look forward to it. I think about the stores I’m going to browse. Sometimes I treat myself to a cinnamon pretzel or a small order of sushi! Try making the mall trip earlier in the week! Schedule a quick after-work trip for your favorite mall or home-decor store. Even just browsing will help you to feel more like yourself, and less like a work-week zombie. Remind yourself all day on Sunday of the great day you are  going to have because you plan on heading to your  favorite store tomorrow!

Give the Stove a Day Off

Part of dreading Monday is coming home after a long day to figure out what you are going to cook — and then cooking it. Text all your girls Sunday night and plan an impromptu mini girls date night for Monday after work. Why wait until Saturday? Plenty of restaurants have Monday dinner specials because its a less popular day for dining out. Added bonus: it won’t be overcrowded and there will be no waiting around at the host stand.

“Hey ladies, I know you’re dreading Monday as much as I am. Let’s go to dinner tomorrow night. 7:30pm — Meet me at Chilli’s!”

Wake up Early

I know, I know, it sounds like it defeats the purpose, but waking up early and not having to rush around to shower, choose a stunning outfit, and eat a bite of toast, is actually going to start your day off with a sense of relaxation. Set your alarm for an half-hour to an hour before you normally would wake up. You can’t rise and shine if you are in a crazy, hectic rush to get to the office. Sub Tip: Squeeze in a refreshing morning mini workout, or maybe just squeeze in a quick stop for your favorite latte. You know, the one you haven’t been able to enjoy since your first day at the job because you haven’t been able to get yourself as excited as you were that morning.

Monday Evening Wind Down

We all have a jar of bath salts or bottle of bubble bath soap we haven’t touched since the day we took it off the shelf and handed it to the check out clerk. Pour yourself a glass of wine and slide into a nice warm, relaxing, bubble bath. Play some soothing tunes or your favorite playlist and just enjoy the moment. I look forward to times like these when I can have even an half-hour to myself to soak and have my senses awakened by the aromatic oils in my bath. Knowing you have that bubble bath scheduled for after work is going to make the day feel a little less dreadful.

The Good Ol’ Hookie

“Cough, Cough — I’m not coming in today. I need to stay home where I’m safe from that creepy co-worker who always makes his way to my desk to talk about things I don’t care about — I mean, I’m sick and I won’t make it in today.”

You don’t have to use the played out cold and flu excuse. Get creative. Maybe you ate something bad last night. Either way, sometimes we just need one extra day…so that Sunday doesn’t feel so…Sunday-ish. You can’t do this every Monday, but once in a while can’t hurt.


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