Finding Those Mirrored Visor Shades Everyone Is Sporting


Mirrored shades have been pretty popular since Ray Ban introduced us to their colorful mirrored aviators. Now we are seeing an add-on to the trend – the visor look. From Kim K to Rihanna, we can’t get enough. Recently started seeing them all over the cute faces of instagram models and fashion gurus, and at that point decided to dive into our search engine to score a pair for ourselves. These futuristic style shades are popping up everywhere. So where can you get your hands on a pair?



Asos never fails! Oversized Aviator Visor Shades .

Forever 21


If you are looking for a “No Turning Back” – bold style. Here it is!

Check out Forever 21’s other bold options:
Futuristic Full Wrap Shades

Fun & Costume Like

For The Bold Fashionista



Of course Ri Ri’s glamorous fashion forward Shades made our list. If you are willing to splurge. They are only sold in select Dior boutiques! Locate one near you!

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